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Here are some examples of our latest work. 
Calcite crystal cluster.Freshwater pearls, natural colors.Rainbow flourite and sterling silver.Off loom brick stitch.Peridot colored Swarovsky cube crystals and red jasper.Art Deco beaded scarf.Black beads and crystals set.Serpentine and red jasper necklace and bracelet set.Assorted pendants; cloisonne, beads and minerals.Rose quartz, serpentine, nephrite, cloisonne, Czech crystals and hand painted beads.Watch(bracelet)bands, red crystals, constructed beads, lead free pewter beads.Watch(bracelet)bands; natural shell, dyed shell, glass, plastic and constructed beads.Watch(bracelet)bands; plastic, glass, constructed beads, and Swarovsky crystals.Watch(bracelet)bands; lead free pewter, Swarovsky crystals, plastic, glass, faceted AB coated and natural stone beads.
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Watch Bracelets
Single watch face or band-$20.00
One watch face with one band-$36.00
One watch face with two bands-$46.00
Three bands-$46.00
All my watches are designed to accept my interchangeable bands.
Always wear your favorite watch!
Match bands to your wardrobe.
Why change watches, just change bands!
Our watch bracelet bands average 6.5"-7.5" in length, allowing 1"-1.5" for the watch face,for a total length of 7.5"-9".  We can customize a watch band to either accommodate very small or large wrists or to make sure it fits the wrist like a watch with  little to no movement or moves freely on the wrist like a bracelet. Just contact us.
Study in Blue #3- Three cabachoms on peyote stitch with tangle weave neckline.
Marcasite watch, Swarovsky crystals and lead free pewter  beads.
Marcasite watch, Swarovsky crystals, square glass  beads.
Marcasite watch, Swarovsky crystals, lead free pewter and Amazonite beads.
Marcasite watch, turquoise dyed Magnasite nuggets, lead free pewter beads.
Marcasite watch, peridot colored crystals and faceted rosette beads.
Marcasite and silver tone watches.Clear tto white spectrum beads mixed with silver; onyx,quartz,shell, porcelain,pearls.White to pale blue spectrum mixed with silver; faux pearl, rhinestone rosettes, pale blue crystals,faceted acrylic.Pale blue to blue/green spectrum; painted glass, lampworked glass,crystals,amazonite.Pale blue to turquoise spectrum with mixed silver;dyed magnasite.Green spectrum with mixed silver; adventurine and serpentine.Green to mixed agate colors with mixed silver; serpentine, faceted glass, agate.Purple to black spectrum with mixed silver; agate dyed stone, painted glass, novelty plastic and glass, hand painted black ceramic.Black to pale gold spectrum with mixed silver; faceted glass, novelty plastic and glass, faceted plastic , glass and goldstone.Pale gold to mixed gold/pink spectrum with mixed silver; goldstone, crystals, glass, plastic.Pink to red spectrum with mixed silver; dyed shell, dyed coral.Mixed large beads with silver; dyed red coral,blue glass,green glass.Mixed large beads; metal bracelet components with crystals, black and silver beads, teal and silver, laddder faceted bronze metallic coated purple glass beads, square black glass with patterned metallic coating, faceted plastic beads.Gold tone watches.Gold tone metal links. Dark blue/black/red spectrum with mixed gold; dark blue crystals, dark blue ladder faceted glass, black ladder faceted glass and crystals, constructed beads, mixed crystals.Lavender to green spectrum with mixed gold; dyed stone, carved coral, shell, agate.Amethyst to gold spectrum with mixed gold; faceted amethyst disks, jasper, goldstone, crystals.Mixed beads; plastic, crystals, glass, porcelain, adventurine.Red to green spectrum with mixed gold; adventurine, bronze coated beveled emerald glass beads, crystals, serpentine, green glass, dyed AB green shell.Green to gold spectrum with mixed gold; dyed AB green shell, yellow AB dyed shell, sand square stone,gold glass disks.Gold to white spectrum with mixed gold; gold glass disks, shell, mother of pearl, crystals.
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